Heuberg Freeride

Hike up, hammer down.

Park your car in Geitau, follow the signs in town towards Aiplspitz. As soon as you passed a turnstile, take a sharp left and follow the trail. 



Want to do some quality hiking before you get to the trail?
Check out the Grubereck.


somewhere in the trail

The Twist

Sadly, I was dumb enough to do the trick at the third hit, but I think it’s visible.

Took me two days and a minor concussion after the first attempt. The other ones were pretty solid soon with some minor hand drag. Hope to carry this one over to the next season.


Published? Yeah!


Shit’s out on the planet.

They say that once your name is printed on some sheet of paper, you’re immortal. You just can’t delete ink…

So I’ll put it like the Great GZA:

“The immortality of my fame is the measure of others’ torture”


Season kickoff just happened at the stubai glacier…

good hip hop vibes

I appreciate good hip hop and the Beat Junkie always delivers. Be sure to check the channel. This guy has a classic hip hop collection, which might only be topped by a few.

For your education, check the Master Ace record from ’95.

throwin’ some Thursdays

Take a bad crosscheck into the boards, add an enforcer and get the outcome.